Cardiff Castle – Our day in pictures

Yay I have the afternoon off and it wasn’t raining for a change…where shall I take my little critters.

Cardiff Castle of course, one of our favourite last minute, close to home child friendly places to go.

The castle was busy with school trips when we arrived but after having a nice cup of tea and a wander, the castle became quite again and my critters had the run of the place.

We did some rubbings of stones and the Castle wall.

We had a look at the beautiful birds of pray, my youngest was fascinated by the baby owl.

We had the run of the children’s area and dressed up in royal clothing.

H.J loved playing with the puppets.

We then tried on some Army clothing and hats.

We did some rubbings of some medals and finished up by having a snack and a run around.

The boys had so much fun, they never get bored of our Castle adventures.


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6 thoughts on “Cardiff Castle – Our day in pictures

  1. I saw your pictures on Facebool and had no idea there was all this kids stuff there. I’m tempted to take the girls now. Great post and lovely pictures. Looks like you had a lovely day xx

    Liked by 1 person

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