Fathers Day Gift – Stylish Summer Shorts

With Fathers day fast approaching (19th June) I have been stuck for what to get the hubby this year. He has plenty of gadgets, aftershave, cufflinks and he really does not need another sensitive aftershave balm…think he still has two from Christmas.

I want to get him something he needs, Mr H could do with a new pair of jeans but with summer on its way I think I will search for some shorts. He really is so fussy when it comes to style and fit…I am fussy when it comes to price!

Hello Eto Jeans  …with every colour and style of denim you could imagine you are really spoilt for choice. With an ever so affordable price tag you can grab yourself a pair of great quality jeans from £19.99… what’s not to like!

There are different washes, from stone-wash, dark-wash, black and grey, combat styles and cuffed fits that look great in summer. They have a great range of summer shorts for all tastes..here’s a few of my top picks.

If you are not feeling the denim look on a hot summers day then why not opt for these stylish chino shorts.

Men’s slim fit chino shorts

I have been wanting to get Mr H a pair of stylish summer shorts for some time so think I may get him these super stylish dark stone wash denim shorts £34.99

If you like what you see then why not pop over to Eto Jeans

Happy Fathers day all!!


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