Flying Lemurs – Zehra Hicks – Review

All children's book reviews are written with my four year old son from his perspective. Mummy what is a Lemur? I don't think I have seen one before...they look funny. After mummy explained what a Lemur was we started to read my new book Flying Lemurs by Zehra Hicks. This book is about a little … Continue reading Flying Lemurs – Zehra Hicks – Review


Mr Mustachio -Yasmin Finch & Abigail Tompkins – Review

Children's book reviews are written from perspective of my four year old son Ethan. Mr Mustachio By Yasmin Finch and Abigail Tompkins. This book is about Mr Mustachio, Mr Mustachio is a very tall man, a very thin man who has a super duper fantabulous moustache. His moustache is sooooo long that tall children dunk … Continue reading Mr Mustachio -Yasmin Finch & Abigail Tompkins – Review