Furniture for a liquorice AllSorts kinda guy – Welsh Mummy Blogs

I have been stuck for a Christmas gift for my husband this year. He has plenty of gadgets so I have decided to get him an office chair!

Yes you may think that is naff but when you spend hours upon hours in front of a computer; a comfy office chair is a much loved and appreciated item.

Whilst searching the net for a new office chair for my web developer husband, I come across Calibre Furniture

“Calibre Furniture use more than 17 years of passion, dedication and expertise to help you create a truly inspirational workspace.”

They sell a wide variety of Office Furniture including:

Boardroom Furniture

Meeting Room Chairs

Breakout Furniture

I was also impressed by their Allsorts Breakout seating.

Allsorts is for someone keen to add an element of fun into your work space.

Allsorts are a range of square and circular ottomans inspired by the classic liquorice sweet.

My husband is a liquorice Allsorts kinda guy, he could quite happily live on them! I saw these and instantly thought of him.


Now back to my search for an office chair…

Calibre sell a range of office chairs from operator, executive to classical.

My favourite chair has to be the classical!

Hope the hubby agrees!

If you are looking for a new office chair or some fun and quirky furniture why not get in touch with Calibre Furniture


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